Only typing rookie, also built a web site

, I’m an absolute newbie. I didn’t even know the website, the backstage, the domain name a month ago. Don’t laugh, a month later, today I have established their own websites, which can really let the classmates envy the one! (here for my website: Joan seven entertainment network advertisement management here you can register for free lifetime membership in VIP published articles, show your talent or promote your website and so on I want to go. ) the website just started building and needs everybody’s support! read more


Thief site development status and survival

thief site and ordinary web site, there is no big difference, if you don’t carefully observe, will be blindfolded. No database, no editing, only a few pages, this is the thief site features. Its biggest feature is "stealing" – the content on the web is not provided by your server, but stolen from someone else’s Web site in real time.

has a friend sent me a web site, I opened a look, Goodfellas, and a powerful search engine was born! My friend said to me, "look at the product, what can we do?" when work is busy, I first joined the favorites. When you wait for work to open again, try to search for a keyword and find that its search results have many pages. Intuition let me at the same time in Baidu search for this keyword, the two search results should be exactly the same, originally, this is a thief site. read more


The winter of the independent blog is coming. Are you ready

since the incident involving Google, I have a hunch that China’s independent blog site will be ready for the early winter. Recently, the Cixi vocational high school called "touch milk door" incident, in a short period of time, "touch milk door video download" and so on, posted around the text. Think of what happened before, "pornographic door", "cucumber door", "sea woman" what, are obviously involved in the restricted area of bad information. Today, as the country has stepped up its crackdown on Internet pornography, as a special case of lone community, I am now convinced that the winter of an independent blog site will come early. read more


Talking about how to draw soft material

how to write a high quality of soft Wen is every webmaster headache? As a webmaster in addition to most things outside the station every day is busy writing articles, promotion, SEO, flow, Wangzhuan, do stand experience, write these articles not only for the purpose of communication is to think of a more a role of soft, promote their own websites, website to bring more the chain and flow. But not every webmaster can do a lot of ideas, even when the help. Most of the webmaster actually do stand a set, but writing articles will not flatter. read more


Service is critical, seven problems need to be solved in group buying industry

if you buy some of the industry can do a good job in these businesses, then foothold is very easy. White pine

recently on the Jingdong news about this two, a new logo Jingdong (Tmall for dogs); two is the Jingdong this year will be the price war to war service.

last year, and some friends talked about the issue of price war, I was from the ancient businessman Hu Xueyan’s words "true price two price, not really! This is taken when Hu Xueyan was also in the competitor’s price when attacking strategy, the emphasis is the read more


Open shop is not so simple, not so difficult

Taobao double 11

last year created a new record of 19 billion 100 million yuan, let people have a new definition for the online shopping market, and the market by increasing the impact of ground shop, many brand is also brewing in the ground into the network, in the hope that the broader market share. Therefore, the future of the shop space unlimited vast, also known as the future of the sunrise industry.

recently I saw a news, a school that students learn the professional e-commerce, in class I start Taobao shop business, one of the big 3 students monthly income reached 6 thousand yuan, this is less, a monthly income of over million students. I laughed to the news, because in my analysis of more than a year of experience, this news is obviously a little exaggeration, the so-called e-commerce professional students learn the theoretical knowledge, and think through part-time to complete the open shop process, can also achieve high incomes, must have the condition is: abundant capital, has a dedicated team, put more time. Electricity supplier is a very hard to force the industry, the work of more than ten hours a day is normal, and at the beginning of its establishment, there is no flow source as a support, it is difficult to start. If it’s a college student who spends one or two hours a day on a part-time job, the monthly income is over $10000, just outside the industry. Our shop recruit a professional e-commerce who is responsible for the operation in the last year, two months later, his boss ", the reason is very simple, the operating mode is not of great help for the operation of the shop. read more


How can the site survive in 2017

Internet is accelerating and iteration, this change every day and all the time, affect our behavior to every household who have a WeChat, this fusion power in virtually faster.

then, for a large number of new webmaster and many old webmaster, how can the website survive in 2017?


this problem, I’m afraid for the new webmaster more care about such topics, after all, for the old driver, this seems to be no problem.

why? What’s the difference between them? Or what’s the magic, read more


Local portal choose industry must remember willing two words

in the past three years, in the field of local portals, there will be a batch of pioneers who have exceeded the ten million mark. At present, the main means to break the ice profit local portal site is:

·: Media: the use of media operations to dispel customer "informal" concerns, using media platforms and media tactics to deter and service customers. Case: 19 floor, long lane.

·: E-commerce: the inaccurate community traffic into accurate e-commerce traffic, the value of the extraction and transformation. Case: on wedding treasure, car treasure, Xiamen small fish flower married mall. read more


ndustry portal or into the nternet next Nuggets point

2015 "double eleven" to 91 billion 200 million yuan turnover perfect ending, as a marketing feast of Tmall e-commerce platform, "double eleven" from the amount of the transaction has shocked the world, in the double eleven Eve, Premier Li Keqiang also asked people to put power to "Ma Yunwen!", at the beginning of this year, Li Keqiang the prime minister made the "Internet plus", Tmall as the electricity supplier industry big boss, trading volume is amazing, so for other industries, if you do the Internet promotion, also can give birth to miracle, of course it needs to have the platform out of Ma – figure, and all the different industry, website marketing in different ways, but a little there is no doubt that the Internet in any industry, do the first position, the future of unlimited read more


Earn money by buying and selling websites

every day browsing the Internet on the website of every hue, do you also want to have an exclusive network, can not only have their own space, but also to make money through the website, it is good, but if you do not understand what words, set up a website to make money can be said to be very difficult. So we can also buy other website directly, which is commonly known as the website business, through the direct purchase mode has a good site, don’t trouble to worry about building their own website, traffic get tedious chores, lucky, the website can be directly profitable, even if shoot two hawks with one arrow. What does the website have a problem, can also be directly sold to others, it is a safe way to make money. read more