Marilyn dessert to join the project

what is the most important food investors? Of course, is able to have an entrepreneurial project, the investment cost is low, their own bear. Earnings recovery is relatively fast. Some people say that this is simply a fond dream, but Xiaobian want to say is what can not say too absolute, such a project introduced today is such a project can meet the needs of investors — Marilyn dessert

dessert from the beginning, has been sought after by many consumers, many consumers love. Marilyn as Hong Kong dessert, in the mainland has been an unprecedented welcome. Marilyn not only has a delicious dessert, from Hongkong to introduce advanced cooking techniques, unique taste. read more


The importance of chain store culture

The construction and development of

enterprises cannot do without the corporate culture, corporate culture construction is to make people more happy and enjoy life, the development of human economy the ultimate purpose is to enable people to live a better life, in the development of the enterprise should not only pay attention to benefits, should pay attention to the construction of enterprise culture.

and the purpose of enterprise management also determines the ultimate goal of the construction of enterprise culture is to create a happy life for customers, investors and employees. In order to achieve the goal of satisfying the investors and employees, the enterprise should try its best to strive for the customer, satisfy the customer’s needs as far as possible, and provide the products and services that make the customers happy. It can be said that the success of the construction of enterprise culture has a direct impact on the overall work of the enterprise, the spirit of all members of the enterprise and the overall quality of the enterprise, behavior and core competitiveness. read more


How to open a community supermarket


is indeed a full range of products, rich products, however, after all, it is necessary to achieve a certain amount of traffic will have a super place. So, for many communities, more of a number of community supermarkets. But want to open a good community supermarket, also need us to do more work. So, how to open a community supermarket?

community supermarket is built at home, in the community, in the general area of less than 1000 square meters, the radius of 0.3 square kilometers, to the community as the main target, is a retail trade between supermarkets and convenience stores. Due to the unique "location" advantage, the community supermarket has a unique business advantages and characteristics. read more


Starbucks Haagen Dazs success and accurate brand positioning is not unrelated

catering market continues to develop, at the same time, exotic taste has become the mainstream. Today, the Chinese market is indeed undergoing great changes. Previously, as long as it is a foreign brand, or dressed in a foreign brand coat fake foreign devils can be in the Chinese market, unlimited expansion.

"third space" on people’s living space, Starbucks seems to have research. Howard · Schultz has expressed the corresponding space of Starbucks: People’s space is divided into families, offices and other places. The first space is home, the second space is the office.

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