since ancient times, we have the classification of the hierarchy, of course, China is now a socialist country, the hierarchy has long been shattered, but people still have a hierarchical concept of life. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of different levels, different grades of products also need to exist. Take the food and beverage industry!

sausage for Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao and other parts of the Southern Common food, pork is put into the small intestine made of sausage casings, after compression, dehydration and drying procedures and so on. Guangdong sausage is its representative. In Guangdong, the most famous is the emperor.

Imperial Emperor sausage several levels

Chinese time-honored "a title for an emperor’s father" has a long lasting, as of October 2008 with the brand: "a title for an emperor’s father" "Mr. sausage" and "golden delicious" and "golden wind", and a title for an emperor’s father "golden delicious" brand "" "King" quality brand reputation.

Guangzhou is a title for an emperor’s father sausages, brand hundred years passed, the meat production techniques have been selected for Guangzhou city municipal intangible cultural heritage, natural flavor, mellow taste, consumers love and praise. According to legend, the early fall of Guangzhou, a young man named Xie Chang do some fried salted fish, tea, such as LAN Sha Street, carrying business to make business with a small capital. Xie Chang has a brother named Xie Bai, runs a Lawei line, called "Ba Bai carrying overlord" of its business "for every autumn and winter is often crowded, earning large quantities of gold each day.

Xie Chang took the small bear after "Ba Bai carrying overlord" meat shop, see the scene of customers, they must do so in order to realize something, also can run around all day working, so every day he will go to the store outside observation, learning, gradually familiar with the operation method, home after repeated debugging curing formula. And personally prepared will be preserved to next door neighbours are favorable. Tired of experience in the production of his brother in South Haizhu Xie Chang next rented a shop, named "Dongchang meat shop, an occasion to business, then changed the name" a title for an emperor’s father ", and the reputation of the a title for an emperor’s father was born.

Guangdong has a saying: autumn, eat meat. It shows that Cantonese likes spicy. Especially in winter, sausages are more popular!

is a title for an emperor’s father several grade sausage? Is divided into primary, grade three and grade, quality and taste is not the same, you can choose according to their own tastes.

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