there are a lot of people have a bourgeois philosophy of life, at the same time, there are a lot of people like to go to the cafe to drink coffee, coffee shop business is now on the market can be said to be getting better and better, so, what is the secret of success to join the brand of coffee?

: case analysisThe success of

and now the coffee franchise industry is uneven, there are many dragons and fishes jumbled together, the brand is the cry up wine and sell vinegar, to do some work to get money coffee merchants name.

to join the coffee is certainly making money, of course, want to make money is not wrong, El coffee shop is the most direct purpose is to this. The profitability of the coffee shop is not the size of the store in the operating capacity and management capabilities. With a right attitude to the analysis of judgment, hard work is the foundation of your success, Passion, Product (People), Personal (personalized) and products ().

El coffee is commonplace and rely on big to small, respect for employees, consumers believe that the product shape around the passion, honesty win profit for a business recommendation

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